How do our batch sales work?

Our knives are hand-forged in Sakai, Japan in a 130-year-old forge. The forge has been run by the same family for over four generations. It takes thirty-one steps of pure precision to create each individual blade.


Given the lengthy time it takes to make an Allday knife, we decided to open our shop every 3 months when we have enough knives to sell. As a result, each of our knives are limited edition and we will only sell a small number. 

In each new batch we will work with a different plastic material which will give a different colour and pattern to the handle. Working with a different plastic source in each batch allows us to tackle lots of sources of plastic waste in the industry. In Batch 1 we are only releasing 150 Santoku knives. These knives are made using Shirogami 2 (white paper) carbon steel which is extremely sharp and strong. 

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