We believe a good knife is the basis of all good cooking. It’s the most important tool a cook can buy. But buying cheap knives isn’t sustainable - they soon become blunt and in need of replacing.

We’re on a mission to make quality knives that last a lifetime. That’s why our blades are handmade by a Japanese family in Sakai who have been forging knives for over four generations.

To combat plastic waste in the industry, we make our knife handles from plastic that would be heading to landfill. 

It takes a while to create a knife that lasts for life, so we release our knives in limited batches every three months.

Each batch features a new blade, new plastic handle and a new story.

The food and drink industry creates more plastic waste than any other sector. And over 90% of all plastic waste ends up in landfill - despite our best (or worst) recycling efforts.

We hope our knives become a talking point for the issues that we face and efforts we need to make to better our planet.

Batch 4 will be released in March 2022.