Here are some questions that we regularly get asked. If we have not answered your question, please reach out to us at hello@alldayknives.co.uk and we will get straight back to you.

How are you able to price your knives so reasonably?
We want to make beautiful knives affordable for the home cook. We work towards a smaller margin than competitors because are passionate about creating quality products at an accessible price point. We also save on handle manufacturing costs because we work with waste plastic material.

How does the batch format work?
Our knives take 3 months to make, so we release a limited amount of knives every 3 months online for sale. Once the knives are sold out we begin working on the next batch - which will be a different type of blade and plastic handle.

Where are your knives made and from what steel?
We work exclusively with a forge in Sakai, Japan to hand-forge high carbon steel kitchen knives. All materials and craftsmanship is from Japan. We will detail which steel type we are using in each batch and this will be marked on the blade accordingly.

Do you work with different illustrators?
Yes! Each batch we develop a new knife, new plastic waste handle and work with a new illustrator to tell that story. Batch 1: Jack Fletcher, Batch 2: Darren Shaddick, Batch 3: Tess Smith-Roberts. If you're interested in working with us, please get in touch.

How do I care for my knife?
Our knives are hand-forged from high carbon steel which means they are reactive and require special care. If you look after your knife properly it will last you a lifetime. We send out a knife care booklet with each knife so that you have the proper guidance on how to get the most out of your knife. If anything is missing or if you have any additional questions please feel free to get in touch.

Where are your handles made and from what plastic?
We wash, shred, melt and attach the handles at our HQ in Norfolk, UK. Each batch will be using a different plastic source and we will detail which plastic type is being used for this.

What are your return, refund and damage policies?

Please check the Shipping link at the bottom of the page.

Do all handles look differently?
Yes, whilst all handles have the same colours going into them from the same plastic source, they are all unique of each other. You will be the only one with that exact type of handle in the world!

What comes in each box?
In each box you will find your knife, a knife care booklet, a limited edition sticker from that batches illustrator and a penny. It is said to be bad lack when giving someone a knife so we give a penny to bring good luck.