Batch 4: Bread

Batch 4: Bread

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BLADE: Bread
This is a long serrated knife that is used to slice bread. 

HANDLE: Made from bakery plastic waste
We have partnered with Dusty Knuckle Bakery in London to turn their plastic waste into the handles for our bread knives. Each handle is unique and a one off. 

STEEL: AUS8 Stainless Steel
This is a popular Japanese steel with great strength, toughness and edge retention. AUS8 works perfectly for a bread knife and makes for an incredibly sharp edge.

ETCHING: Our partner forge have laser etched 'AD Knives 一日中' onto each blade. 

NUMBERING: Each blade will be numbered out of 600. They will be numbered depending on how quickly you order. 

LENGTH: 250mm blade length

WEIGHT: 105g

Batch 4 will be limited to 600 bread knives. Once these knives are sold out, we will close shop and begin working on Batch 5.