Batch 2: Santoku
Batch 2: Santoku
Batch 2: Santoku
Batch 2: Santoku
Batch 2: Santoku
Batch 2: Santoku

Batch 2: Santoku

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Our blades are hand-forged by a family in Sakai, Osaka who have been making knives for hundreds of years. They know how to create beautiful knives that last a lifetime. 

BLADE: Santoku
Santoku translates as “three benefits” and relates to the knife's ability to slice, dice and mince. This is the Japanese version of a Western chef's knife. This is your all-rounder kitchen knife.

HANDLE: Made from milk cartons
We have partnered with Abel & Cole to upcycle their dairy farms plastic waste and turn it into the handle for this knife. The handle is made out of old milk cartons, blue and black milk delivery crates and white lids. Each handle is unique and a one off. 

STEEL: Shirogami 2 (white paper steel)
This has very high-carbon steel content, impressive purity and a razor sharp edge. Easy to sharpen.

FINISH: Kurouchi
This roughly translates as 'blacksmith's finish'. This is a traditional technique which gives the blade a black finish. This is done to reduce the reactivity on carbon steel knives.

ENGRAVING: Our partner forge has hand-engraved 'Allday 一日中' onto each blade. In Japan, engraving a blade is reserved for the best quality knives.

LENGTH: 160mm (this can vary slightly because the knives are handmade) 

WEIGHT: 180g

HRC: 62

WHAT'S IN THE BOX: Inside your knife box you will receive a knife care booklet, bee saver wild flower seeds, a penny for good luck (and your knife!)

Batch 2 will be limited to 150 knives. Once these knives are sold out, we will close shop and begin working on Batch 3.